About Ipainteveryday.com

After starting up very successful projects like Supermart, BrownBagBulletin and KMDG (Kwasten met de gasten/Painting with my friends), Amsterdam based graffiti / street / contemporary artist Ottograph drops another bomb on the Amsterdam art scene: ipainteveryday.com. Every single day Ottograph posts a new video of himself painting new work. Ottograph: “It’s kinda like Bob Ross at warp speed!”



About Ottograph

Ottograph began his career studying at the Rietveld art Academy in Amsterdam, but already started doing street art when he was 10 years old. Since then Ottograph has made murals in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Berlin, Antwerp, New York, Tokyo, Maui, Moskou and more! Ottograph has also had exhibitions all over Europe and has done work for clients like Greenpeace, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Mars and Mercedes-Benz.

Alone or together with friends, Ottograph has been responsible vor very succesfull projects like Supermart, Brown Bag Bulletin, CIA (Central Illustration Agency) and KMDG (Kwasten met de gasten / Painting with my friends).

Being addicted to painting, Ottograph needs to move massive amounts of paint every day to keep himself happy.

Ottograph soundbites:”the bigger the brush, the better the painting’ and: ‘may the brush be with you”